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SoundWorks Collection Interview Series - Re-recording Mixer Greg Russell

This week we met up with Re-recording Mixer Greg Russell who has mixed more than 195 feature films and has been nominated for 16 Academy Awards™, 11 Cinema Audio Society awards, two BAFTA and two Emmys, with one Emmy win. Greg is a long time collaborator with Director Michael Bay and has worked on movies such as Skyfall, ... More


Conversations with Sound Artists Podcast - Sound for Television Featuring Daniel Colman

In this episode we talk with Emmy award-winning sound designer Daniel Colman about his work on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, and MARVEL’S AGENTS OF SHIELD. Daniel shares his thoughts on why musicians make the best sound designers, the challenges of living within the rules of ... More


Conversations with Sound Artists Podcast - Dialog Editing & ADR Featuring Gwen Yates Whittle

Editing dialog and working with the original recordings from the set is one of the most under-appreciated arts in cinema sound. In this episode of “Conversations with Sound Artists,” two-time Academy Award nominee Gwen Yates Whittle talks with the Dolby Institute’s ... More


GameSoundCon Returns to Los Angeles Offering Intensive Sessions and Workshops on Game Music and Sound Design

The SoundWorks Collection recently spoke with GameSoundCon founder Brian Schmidt about the current state of the video game industry and the unique opportunity that this conference provides to an emerging industry. ###About GameSoundCon: Game ... More


Conversations with Sound Artists Podcast - The Art of Sound Mixing Featuring Anna Behlmer

The final stage of any collaborative process requires a delicate balance between artistry and decisiveness. The sound mixer works closely with the director to make sure that every sound is in its right place and that the story is always front and center. In this ... More


Conversations with Sound Artists Podcast - Creative Sound for Documentaries Featuring Coll Anderson

What role can impressionistic sound design have in documentary films? In this episode sound designer/mixer Coll Anderson explains it’s all about “telling human stories.” He walks us through a number of scenes, including a critical scene from his most recent ... More


Vienna - Film Music Capital of the World

Vienna is about to become an important location for film music. Hollywood in Vienna, The International Film Music Symposium Vienna, The Vienna Symphonic Library and Vienna Recording Stage with support of The Vienna Tourist Board and the Vienna Film Commission are all happy to have contributed to setting new impulses ... More


Conversations with Sound Artists Podcast - Video Game Sound Design Featuring Rob Krekel & Phillip Kovats of Naughty Dog Studios

Game soundtracks have come a long way since their earliest 8-bit days. In this episode of “Conversations with Sound Artists,” Rob Krekel and Phillip Kovats of Naughty Dog Studios talk about the challenges of building player-controlled ... More


In the studio with score composer Dominik Scherrer working on "The Missing"

###About Dominik Scherrer: Is a composer of film soundtracks based in London. He has written the award winning score and theme for the Miss Marple series with Geraldine McEwan and Julia McKenzie, the sci-fi hit series Primeval, the comedy Scenes of a Sexual Nature starring Ewan ... More


A Conversation. With Walter Murch

Locarno dressed as San Francisco, Piazza Grande that extends itself to look like Union Square. When you’re facing Walter Murch and a Revox, you know right away that something unique is coming. Sounds, reverberations, knowledge, insights. The rest is silence.


Conversations with Sound Artists Podcast - Writing for Sound with Randy Thom

Skywalker Sound’s Director of Sound Design Randy Thom discusses with Dolby Institute’s Glenn Kiser how writers and directors can use sound as a tool to tell their stories, the importance of APOCALYPSE NOW to modern sound design, his work with Robert Zemeckis to maroon Tom Hanks on ... More


Dolby Launches "Conversations with Sound Artists" Podcast Series

The Dolby Institute and Soundworks Collection are launching a 10-part podcast series, Conversations with Sound Artists, bringing insight into the film, gaming, television industry. Glenn Kiser, Director of Dolby Institute at Dolby Laboratories, and Michael Coleman of Soundworks Collection, speak with top ... More


SoundWorks Collection Interview Series - Composer Bear McCreary on Outlander

This week we talk with Composer Bear McCreary about his work on the first season of the Starz show Outlander, the epic new series from Ronald D. Moore based on Diana Gabaldon’s epic novels. The OUTLANDER series follows the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse ... More


SoundWorks Collection Interview Series - Music Supervisor Randall Poster

This week we spoke with New York based Music Supervisor Randall Poster. Randall started his career working on the 1995 breakout film "Kids" Directed by Larry Clark and soon after collaborated with Director Wes Anderson on his indie film "Bottle Rocket". Randall has since collaborated ... More


SoundWorks Collection Interview Series - Matt Hines - Product Manager, Post Production at iZotope

This week we talk with Matt Hines who is a Product Manager for Post Production at iZotope about the process of developing the various award-winning plug-ins and software used for audio restoration, music production and instrument effects. iZotope makes ... More