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Peter Gabriel on The South Bank Show about the Making of Security Album in 1983

Peter Gabriel’s songwriting and recording process in the early 1980s was unusual for its technological sophistication, playfulness and reliance on improvisation. While Peter was considered avant-garde back then, now that music technology is a lot cheaper and more accessible, ... More


SoundWorks Collection Recognized as Vimeo Top Staff Pick of all Time!

We are honored to be [recognized as one of the Vimeo Top Staff Picked video series of all time!]( When SoundWorks Collection was launched in October of 2009 there weren't many places to go to host HD quality streaming videos online. This is one of the ... More


SoundWorks Collection Interview Series - Engineer/Producer Jay Messina

This week we spoke with our good friend Jay Messina who is a world-class engineer/producer based in New York city and has worked on such classic albums by Aerosmith, Kiss, Miles Davis, Supertramp, Patti Smith, Slash, Yoko Ono, and Cheap Trick, to name a few. We met up with Jay in ... More


SoundWorks Collection Interview Series - Beau Willimon & Composer Jeff Beal - House of Cards

This week we spoke with show-runner and writer Beau Willimon and Composer Jeff Beal about their collaboration on the hit Netflix show House of Cards. In our conversation we discuss how Jeff and Beau work together to help support the tone and emotion of the show and break ... More


SoundWorks Collection Interview Series - Composer Peter McConnell

Composer Peter McConnell has composed award-winning scores for a diverse range of video games including Broken Age, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, the Sly Cooper series, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Psychonauts, Brutal Legend and Grim Fandango. Before ... More


The Sound of The Idealist with Sound Designer Peter Albrechtsen and Sound Re-recording Mixer Lars Ginzel

Check out this great video about the sound of Danish film, "The Idealist" featuring Sound Designer Peter Albrechtsen and Sound Re-recording Mixer Lars Ginzel. ABOUT THE FILM: The Idealist' starts in the Cold War era, 1968, when a US B-52 bomber ... More


Google Presents - Inside Abbey Road

Inside Abbey Road is a site built by Google in partnership with Abbey Road Studios. The aim is to enable anyone in the world to follow in the footsteps of musical legends, and step inside the famous British recording studio as it’s never been seen before. Once inside, you can explore every nook and cranny of the three ... More



Following his recent collaborations with 343 Industries on the re-imagined soundtrack to "Halo 2: Anniversary" and original score for "Halo Spartan: Assault," award-winning composer and music producer Tom Salta returns to the iconic "Halo" video game series to provide an original score for "Halo: ... More


Sounds in Space - Lightsaber Sounds with Ben Burtt

Ben Burtt invites you into his office at Skysound to show the inspiration for the sound of the iconic Lightsaber.


Check out Three Retro THX videos - THX WOW! - The THX Story - THX Soundtrack!

One of our favorite home theater demos was the THX WOW! laser disc and DVD! The "WOW!" sequence is the most important part of the disc: a large trailer containing scenes from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Willow, and finishing with the Cimmaron THX trailer. It was initially only ... More


SoundWorks Collection Interview Series - Christopher Willitis

This week we spoke with Christopher Willitis, who is a bay are based electronic musician, teacher, composer, producer, photographer, filmmaker and guitar pioneer. His most recent album,Opening, was released on Ghostly International in September 2014. Chris and a group of artists, ... More


SoundWorks Collection Interview Series - Michael Raphael and Rudy Trubitt - Lionel Train Recording

This week we spoke with sound recordist Michael Raphael from Rabbit Ears Audio and Rudy Trubitt who is the Director of Audio for Lionel Trains. Rudy and Michael worked together on sourcing a new group of steam whistles for Lionel's new products. They traveled ... More


THX Releases Rejuvenated Versions Of Iconic 'THX Deep Note' Sound

After 30 years, the iconic Deep Note audio logo has been regenerated by it's original creator, Dr. Andy Moorer. Introducing THX Deep Note Eclipse. ###WATCH ECLIPSE TRAILER: THX Ltd. announced the release of a rejuvenated 'THX® Deep Note™' ... More


Composer Chris Willis and Mickey Mouse Cartoons

Meet Composer Chris Willis the composer for the new Mickey Mouse shorts, and learn what it's like to create the music for them.


SoundWorks Collection Interview Series - Composer Fil Eisler on Empire

This week we spoke with Composer Fil Eisler who recently completed the first season of the hit TV show EMPIRE. Fil and I discussed what it has been like to work on this critically acclaimed tv show and the excitement of working on a creatively challenging schedule. We also discuss ... More