A discussion with Sound Designer and Film Editor Walter Murch

December 20, 2016 3:28pm

Three-time Academy Award-winner Walter Murch joins the “Conversations with Sound Artists” podcast. In part one of our talk, Walter takes questions from other leading sound designers Ren Klyce and Gary Rydstrom about his work, talks about how documentary film has affected modern cinema style, discusses his work in Apocalypse Now and The Conversation, and ends the episode with a discussion of the use of music in The Godfather and The English Patient.

Much like The Godfather, our talk with Walter Murch was simply too epic to be contained in one podcast. In part two of our conversation, fellow sound designers Randy Thom and Chris Foster pose questions to Walter, we discuss the state of cinema sound before and after Apocalypse Now, why film school can be a good idea, and how you can underline a character’s emotional state with carefully chosen sound effects.

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