Behind the Scenes of Video Game High School

December 17, 2014 2:54pm
Source: Dolby Institute

Video Game High School, from co-creators Freddie Wong and Matt Arnold, launches its third season with help from the Dolby Institute’s Made for Web Audio Program.

VGHS, considered one of the most successful made-for-digital franchises with over 84 million views from its first two seasons, showed great potential for creative sound work to build an immersive gaming environment.

"The series takes place in two worlds," explained Dolby Institute Director Glenn Kiser. "There's the high school setting, with these talented kids developing their gaming skills, but we also spend a lot of time within the virtual worlds of the games themselves. That gave lots of opportunities for creative sound design and immersive 5.1 mixing."

The VGHS collaboration is part of an ongoing Dolby initiative to educate digital filmmakers on how to easily and efficiently incorporate high quality sound design and multichannel audio into their made-for-digital productions, so that the audio quality can keep pace with the visuals.

Dolby got involved with VGHS, a co-production from Collective Digital Studio and Rocket Jump Studios, at a critical point in the production process: before the series was filmed. Dolby awarded VGHS a post-production grant to enhance the sound design and mix of the series and set the filmmakers up with award-winning sound designer and mixer Steven Cahill of Sticky Notes Studios.

The result is a rich sound environment that goes far beyond what the creative team was able to achieve in the first two seasons of the show.

"We're excited for our viewers to experience the explosive action sequences in the final episodes of VGHS that will be heightened by the strong sound dynamics powered by Dolby," said VGHS creator Freddie Wong.