BT & Dr Richard Boulanger Introduce MUSE, An Ambient Instrument For The Leap Motion

April 16, 2014 1:17am
Source: Boulanger Labs

Superstar electronic music producer BT & Dr Richard Boulanger, Professor of Electronic Production and Design at Berklee College of Music, have released a new music app, MUSE, which works with the Leap Motion controller & OS X.

The MUSE app gives the user the ability to create ambient electronic music using gestures, captured by the Leap Motion.

Here’s an introduction into MUSE and how it works:


• Hover over cubes to select them; then open your fingers to trigger and play them.

• Move your hands closer to the screen to control the timbre, panning, echo, and reverberation of the sounds you have triggered.

• Swipe in either direction to bring up additional ChordSets, Ambiences, Drones, and Drums.

• Choose from three SoundSets, each with unique Chords, Drones, Drums and Natural Sounds.

• Turn on AutoMuse and play along with or just listen to our intelligent composing system as Muse creates and performs on her own.

• Adjust the Mix and EQ on the Slider Screen.

•Transpose, on the fly, to any key and play along with your friends or other musical pieces.

• Create interesting and complex drum grooves by layering simple rhythmic patterns.

• Record and AutoSave your compositions and performances.

• Hover over the Menu or Transposition icons to reveal and select from the many program options.

• All options and commands are selectable through hand-motions or from the ASCII keyboard.

The following video captures a performance demonstration by Dr. Boulanger: