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Academy Invites 276 to Membership

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is extending invitations to join the organization to 276 artists and executives who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to theatrical motion pictures. Those who accept the invitations will be the only additions to the Academy's membership in 2013. "These ... More


Voice Acting For Dummies

For anyone who has ever been told that they have a great voice, but were unsure of what they could do with it, there is finally a book for you. Voice Acting For Dummies, written by the founders of, Stephanie and David Ciccarelli, is available wherever books are sold, both in hard copy and electronic formats ePub and ... More


Meyer Sound EVP Helen Meyer Named Influential Woman by San Francisco Business Times

San Francisco Business Times has named Helen Meyer (pictured), co-founder and Executive Vice President of Meyer Sound, to be one of this year’s Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business. An annual special edition of the respected business journal honors women leaders who ... More


Sundance Institute and Skywalker Sound Announce New Collaboration to Support Independent Filmmakers and Film Composers

Sundance Institute and Skywalker Sound today announced that the Sundance Institute Music and Sound Design Labs at Skywalker Sound will take place at Skywalker Ranch in 2013 and 2014 and also announced the artists that will participate in ... More


Meyer Sound Constellation Helps Performing Arts Center Combine Several Halls Into One

When planning its new performing arts centre, the Mansfield, Tex., school district faced a dilemma. Though it was determined that both a large auditorium and a smaller performance hall would be ideal for its range of events, their budget could not justify building and ... More


21st Century Fox and the New "Fanfare"

Newscorp rings in their studio's new title, "21st Century Fox" with a new logo and new "fanfare." News Corp. has unveiled its corporate logo for its new incarnation. The company, following the spinoff of its publishing assets, plans to take the name 21st Century Fox. The new logo is a stripped-down version of ... More


Why the 'Iron Man 3' sound department went to Toys 'R' Us

With Iron Man 3 officially kicking off the summer box office race, it’s only fitting that the film also launch our new series Sounds like a Summer Movie in which we find out how the sounds that bring blockbusters to life were created. In the case of Iron Man 3, it involved stealth recording at Toys ‘R’ ... More


State of Cinema: Steven Soderbergh

Steven Soderbergh was the keynote speaker at the San Francisco International Film Festival last weekend and spent roughly 36 minutes explaining what's wrong with Hollywood. For starters: everything. Soderbergh, who started his chat by explaining that there is a difference between cinema and movies, noted that studios ... More


IMAX Introduces Home Theater Systems

As F. Scott Fitzgerald said, the rich are different from you and me. For one thing, while the rest of us have to deal with overpriced concessions and overcrowded seats to catch a movie in IMAX, they’ll soon be able to enjoy it in the privacy and comfort of their own home. IMAX has revealed plans to enter the home ... More


Elysium to Feature Barco Auro 11.1 and Dolby Atmos Mixes

Sony Pictures Entertainment announced that it is teaming with both Barco and Dolby Laboratories to mix Elysium, the second feature film from writer-director Neill Blomkamp, in both the Auro 11.1 system and the Dolby Atmos system, which deliver a more natural and realistic soundtrack that moves sound ... More


TODD SOUNDELUX Names Sara Duran-Singer CEO

TODD SOUNDELUX today announced it will name Sara Duran-Singer as its new Chief Executive Officer. Duran-Singer, with more than 25 years of leadership experience in the post production business, joins the TODD SOUNDELUX organization from Walt Disney Studios, where she most recently served as Senior Vice ... More


Colosseum at Caesars Will Get Atmos Install for CinemaCon Demos

Dolby has installed Atmos in The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in order to showcase its immersive sound system at CinemaCon, which opens Monday in Las Vegas. Select footage during studio presentations from Disney, Fox, Paramount and Warner Bros. will play in Atmos this week in the venue, ... More


Todd-AO Signs Re-Recording Mixer Mark Paterson

Todd-AO today announced the company will add Academy Award-winning re-recording mixer Mark Paterson to its creative team in Los Angeles. “Todd-AO has long been a company I have aspired to be a part of, and it is a real thrill for me to have this opportunity to work side by side with the extraordinary ... More


BMI to Honor Cliff Martinez with Richard Krik Award at 2013 BMI Film & Television Awards

Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), the global leader in music rights management, will present the Richard Kirk Award for outstanding career achievement to prolific composer Cliff Martinez at the organization’s 2013 Film & Television Awards. The annual ceremony will be ... More


Cinema Audio Society - Parade of Production Sound Carts Seminar

Cinema Audio Society President, David E. Fluhr, CAS, today announced the latest Cinema Audio Society Seminar. “Back by popular demand is the CAS Parade of Production Sound Carts Seminar which continues the Cinema Audio Society’s commitment to bring to the industry, the public and the next ... More


Under the Hood: Anatomy of Sound Design for World of Warcraft

The Thunder King brought with it not only new and exotic locations to visit (if you don’t mind a few storms) but a slew of new creatures. One of these creatures is the Zandalari Battlesaur whose roar can shake even the most stalwart hero. But, what exactly goes into crafting a voice for such a ... More


The BMW sound designers

A BMW has a unique sound --and we're not only talking about the engine, but about every button, every door and many other things that make a sound. A group of specialists at BMW focus on this. Have a look at their work and you'll surely remember this, the next time you're in a BMW.


Todd-AO Mixes it Up With Dolby Atmos For Marvel’s Iron Man 3

Todd-AO today announced the company has completed installation of the Dolby Atmos system on the legendary Stage 1 at its facility in Hollywood, in support of the upcoming Marvel’s Iron Man 3. Dolby Atmos is a new audio platform that revolutionizes sound in entertainment, immersing moviegoers ... More


Dolby Atmos Movie Count Tops 30 Titles

Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel and Fox’s Epic, The Wolverine and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters will get Dolby Atmos mixes—bringing the total number of titles to more than 30 since the format was announced in the spring of 2012. According to Dolby, there are also now 23 sound postproduction facilities around the world ... More


Fan Accompanies Billy Joel; 'Greatest Moment Of My Life,' He Says

It's taken about a month to hit the mainstream media's websites. But now that it has, this clip of Vanderbilt University student Michael Pollack accompanying Billy Joel on "New York State of Mind" is spreading quickly. We think you'll agree it makes for a nice break from the day's ... More


Twitter to Release Its Own Music App

The micro-blogging social network is reportedly about to release an application dubbed Twitter Music designed to help people find new music, according to a report from CNet. The application is being built by We Are Hunted, a small Australian developer that Twitter acquired last year, said Cnet, which predicted that an ... More


Million Dollar Sound: Analog Style For Elton John At The Colosseum

Elton John’s Million Dollar Piano is exactly that: A singularly stunning instrument that successfully marries technology and art, and cost just that much to create. As the name of the legendary performer’s latest headlining act to take up residence at The Colosseum in Caesars Palace, The ... More


VFX Artists to Hold 'Pi Day' Town Hall Meeting

A group of visual effects artists are holding multi-city town hall meetings on Thursday — what is being calling “Pi Day” — to discuss its embattled industry. “We walked together on Oscar Day. We were insulted together on Oscar Night. We changed our profile pictures to green and raised awareness around the ... More


SXSW: Film Festival Rules to Screen By

As the South By Southwest film festival celebrates its 20th year, it’s only natural to notice how things have changed since 1992. For example, mobile phones were still rare in the old days, and the only necessary request for proper theater decorum was to please be quiet once the screening of a movie had begun. But ... More


Think the Napster Revolution Is Over? Think Again

Shawn Fanning has been toying with the idea of releasing the Dead Sea Scrolls of the digital music revolution. The guy who wrote the code that became Napster is talking with Alex Winter – the man responsible for the documentary film Downloaded, detailing his exploits with the file-sharing service – in the ... More


Theater Owners Celebrate Victory Over Bloomberg Soda Ban

Theaters owners are "elated" over a court ruling blocking Mayor Michael Bloomberg's ban on the sale of sugary drinks 16 oz. and larger in New York City. In His decision, handed down one day before the proposed ban was take effect, Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling said the city's health ... More


Sony Corp. Chairman Howard Stringer to Retire

Sony Corp. chairman Howard Stringer announced Friday he will step down from his post in June. Stringer, the company’s former chief executive and president, shared the news during a speech to the Japan Society in New York, where he told the audience would dedicate his time to focusing on new endeavors, ... More


Sony Pictures Brings Sound, Postproduction Under Digital Productions Umbrella

Sony Pictures Digital Productions is bringing the studio’s sound department and Colorworks postproduction facility under its umbrella. SPDP -- which also encompasses Sony Pictures Animation and Sony Pictures Imageworks -- now will include visual effects and computer animation, ... More


SXSW: 10 Must-See Music Movies

The collision and collusion of film, interactive technology and music at South By Southwest is always a showcase of synergy and opportunism, and no better example of that would be Dave Grohl’s extreme efforts to promote his music documentary Sound City. Grohl’s scheduled omnipresence will include a keynote address and special ... More


Beats' 'Daisy' Music Subscription Service Secures $60 Million in Funding

Beats Electronics’ “Daisy” music service has secured $60 million in funding from a consortium led by Access Industries, Len Blavatnik’s investment group, which owns Warner Music Group. Marc Rowan, James Packer and parties affiliated with Lee M. Bass also participated in the funding round, ... More