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Paul Thomas Anderson Directed TV Pilot for "The Jon Brion Show"

Paul Thomas Anderson once directed a television pilot. The show never aired or got picked up and, for the most part, no one ever saw what he did. However, now thanks to the magic of the Internet, that’s all in the past. The PTA website Cigarettes and Red Vines got their hands on the pilot ... More


Camel Audio Releases Biolabs: Light Space Sound Library

Camel Audio has released Biolabs: Light Space for Alchemy and Alchemy Player. Created by respected sound designer, biomechanoid, the unique sound explorations of Light Space are filled with light and shade, movement and detail, fragile beauty and subtle shifting colours. ###Almost Real Featuring ... More


Behind the curtain: sound designer Josh Schmidt

There are a lot of people who make theater in Milwaukee who you never see on a stage. They make music and make sure the costumes are right. They design sets and make sure you see them in the right light. They make sure the audience hears what they are supposed to hear and they put all of this together into one ... More


Gravitas Ventures Acquires Dave Grohl's 'Sound City'

Gravitas Ventures has acquired worldwide video-on-demand rights to the documentary Sound City for an undisclosed price, the company announced on Tuesday. From Dave Grohl, who formed the Foo Fighters in 1995, the documentary is a plea to resurrect the human touch behind the creation of music. It focuses ... More


‘Metallica Through the Never,’ Releasing This August

A year and a half ago we told you that Metallica would be making a 3D movie, and about a year ago we updated that with news that Predators and Kontroll director Nimrod Antal would be directing. He also scripted. Now we know that the film is Metallica Through the Never, and it sounds like a part-doc, ... More


Matt Stone & Trey Parker Form Production Studio

The New York Times has reported that SOUTH PARK and BOOK OF MORMON creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have formed Important Studios, their own individual Production Company which they plan to announce tomorrow. The company - valued at approximately $300 million - will reportedly now have the revenue, thanks ... More


Grauman's Chinese Theatre gets a new name and will undergo major upgrades

The Chinese Theatre, a Hollywood landmark for 85 years, is getting a new name. A Chinese company, TCL just paid more than $5 million to rename Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the LA Times reports. The movie palace, which was opened in 1927 by renowned showman Sid Grauman, will now be ... More


Trent Reznor's Beats-backed music service will launch in late 2013

Beats Audio has formally announced Daisy, a new streaming music service spearheaded by Trent Reznor that's now set to launch in late 2013. This comes about one month after Reznor's plans were detailed by The New Yorker, but this marks the first formal announcement. While there aren't any ... More


The Bad Robot Facility: Everything Under One Roof

Join host Matt Feury at Bad Robot for a discussion on the innovative workflows the teams created to help them commandeer the story and action at warp speed for the upcoming movie, Star Trek into Darkness. See how concurrent collaboration enables the teams to create more inspired content faster. Hear how ... More


Audio For Independent Films

It can be hard to identify an indie film these days. Budgets can rival that of blockbuster films. Major indie films can have star-studded casts. It’s not easy to gleam from a preview if a film is truly an independent film or not. The difference lies in the creative chain of command, and who has the final say over what makes the ... More


Investor in Movie Soundtracks Buys a Record Label

Some significant players in the usually quiet movie soundtrack business are about to turn up the volume. Over the holidays, the Cutting Edge Group, a company in London that provides and invests in music for the screen, and its partner Wood Creek Capital Management acquired a well-known purveyor of ... More


Capturing the Sounds of the Centuries

Andrew Roth has been hunting 19th-century sounds. A self-described "audio archaeologist," this fall he tracked down and recorded the musical instruments, bawdy songs and period slang that made up the actual sounds of San Francisco during the Gold Rush, for a new exhibit called "Boomtown." To create the soundscape ... More


The Sound of Finite Films

A look into the sound design of Finite Films, focusing on how we tried to create the best soundtracks we could for the twelve short films we made over the year. Daniel Clark will be returning as Supervising Sound Designer for our new web-series, Anamnesis. To learn more about it, visit out Kickstarter ... More


Brian Ronan's Sound Design For Annie

Brian Ronan, who took the Tony Award home last year Best Sound Design of a Musical for The Book of Mormon, is a veteran of the Broadway stage, with additional credits that include American Idiot and Next To Normal, and now, the revival of Annie. Ronan got involved with the production two years ago, when he took at ... More


Robert Zemeckis gives up on the yellow submarine remake

It remains to be seen whether Robert Zemeckis‘ next project after Flight will see him sticking with live-action or returning to animation, but one thing’s for certain: It won’t be Yellow Submarine. The project’s suffered several setbacks over the past few years, and it sounds like Zemeckis has finally ... More


James Bond: 50 Years of Main Title Design

After 50 years and 23 films, the James Bond franchise is inarguably the most successful and steadfast in film history. Based on a canon of novels by journalist and WWII intelligence officer Ian Fleming, Bond was already a household name in the United Kingdom a decade before reaching the silver screen. But it was ... More


IMAX 101: Sound

Hey movie fans! Welcome to the IMAX 101 Series. We’ve launched the IMAX 101s to give you insight on IMAX technology and what goes into making The IMAX Experience® so unique. Before we get started we’d like to introduce you to Coco. Coco is a fellow movie nerd and IMAX enthusiast. She’s gotten the skinny on all of the elements of The IMAX ... More


Berberian Sound Studio Arrives To Baffle Your Senses On UK Blu-Ray and DVD

Arriving on a wave of critical acclaim, Peter Strickland's Berberian Sound Studio hits UK DVD and Blu-ray at the end of the year. A homage of sorts to 70s Italian horror, it stars Toby Jones as Gilderoy, a mild-mannered Brit who takes a job as a sound engineer on "The Equestrian ... More


Ben Minto: Audio Director - Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Mirror's Edge

###About Ben Minto: Ben Minto is an Audio Director/Sound Designer working out of EA DICE’s Stockholm studio. Over his 12 years working in the games audio industry, he has accumulated vast insight and knowledge into all aspects of field recording, sound design, and production. ... More


Avid Investors Begin Their Selloff Of Multimedia Giant

Occasionally, investors are forced to question the board members of the stocks they hold. This is certainly the case today when it comes to Avid Technology (NASDAQ: AVID). The Burlington, Massachusetts, company offered a sneak peak into third quarter numbers that will be released on October 29, and the ... More


The CAS Parade of Production Sound Carts

The Cinema Audio Society put on their first Parade of Sound Carts this past weekend, and it was an overwhelming success. The event, moderated by Paul Marshall, reminded me one of those classic car shows, but instead of cars being shown off, the Local 80 Stage in Burbank, CA was filled with tech-packed carts for ... More


The Extended Preview of J. J. Abrams' STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Will Debut in IMAX® 3D

Star Trek fans are in for a big surprise this holiday season. Exclusively in digital IMAX® 3D theatres, Paramount Pictures will release an IMAX Exclusive Preview of J.J. Abrams’ eagerly-awaited STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS months prior to the film’s official release in May 2013. ... More


Ben Burtt on the sound of ‘Raiders,’ ‘ET’ and Spielberg’s inspiration

The last few weeks have been a real and vivid trip down memory lane for Oscar-winning sound designer and sound effects editor Ben Burtt. The man who created the hum of the light saber, Darth Vader’s ominous, synthetic breathing and even the languages spoken by various “Star Wars” creatures is ... More


Hans Zimmer Replaces Jack White as ‘The Lone Ranger’ Composer

The full-length trailer for Gore Verbinski‘s The Lone Ranger released this week promised plenty of good stuff from the film: sweeping Western vistas, death-defying stunts, massive explosions, a banged-up Armie Hammer, and a weirdo Johnny Depp. One thing we won’t be getting, however, is a score ... More


Dr. William F. House dies at 89; championed cochlear implant

Dr. William F. House, a dentist-turned-ear specialist who 50 years ago defied the medical establishment and many advocates for the hearing impaired to champion an implantable device, now widely accepted, that made everyday sounds audible to the profoundly deaf, has died. He was 89. House, who ... More


Supervising sound designer, Frank Kruse on "Cloud Atlas"

Here's some info about the work of Frank Kruse, supervising sound designer on Cloud Atlas, in his own words. "I started on CA in November 2011 about 6 weeks before the ending of the principal shoot. Tom Tykwer hates to work with temp sound effects and it really made sense to start early on this ... More


THX Experts Illuminate Home Theater Set-up for Consumers Through Video Series

THX Ltd. today announced a multi-part video series of short educational tutorials that will be syndicated periodically by and will address various issues consumers face when setting up a new or expanded home theater. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the ... More


Waves Audio, Abbey Road Studios Unveil REDD Console Plug-Ins

Waves Audio teamed with London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios once again to create two new REDD Console plug-ins, which emulate the sonic characteristics of EMI/Abbey Road Studios' REDD.17 and REDD.37 in-house mixing consoles that recorded The Beatles, The Hollies, Pink Floyd, and other top ... More


Joe Hisaishi: Studio Ghibli 25 Years Concert

These days there are a plethora of concerts featuring great film and video game music being performed all over the world. Many of them I truly wish I was able to attend, but there is one, above just about all others, that I've desired to see for years....and the only way to do so has been via a Japanese ... More


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with composer Howard Shore

Howard Shore successfully adapted the words and themes of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings into a truly iconic score for one of the most successful film franchises of the decade. Now he's returned to the studio with the London Philharmonic Orchestra to record the latest soundtrack to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey , released next ... More