A Brief History of Swearing in Movies

Check out a fun video on the history of cursing in Hollywood movies and the first utterances of curse words on screen. Movies featured in this video: Glorifying The American Girl, Hell's Angels, Bosko's Picture Show, Gone With The Wind, Holiday, In Cold Blood, Midnight Cowboy, The Boys in the Band, MASH, Carnal Knowledge, Scarface, Battleship and The South Park Movie.


Coll Anderson on Documentary Sound Design

We're all familiar with creative sound design for narrative films—from the buzz of a lightsaber to the roar of a T. rex. But what about the sound in documentary films? Is there a role for abstract sound to play when your film depicts real events? In this new piece for the Dolby® Institute, leading ... More


The Image of Sound - Short Documentary about Sound Editors & Sound Designers

Director Amar Dusanjh profiles three of the best & brightest Sound Editors & Designers within the entertainment industry. From the two-time Bafta winning Sound Editor of feature films such as 'Harry Potter', 'Casino Royale' & 'Batman', to the Award Winning Sound Designers ... More


Check out Three Retro THX videos - THX WOW! - The THX Story - THX Soundtrack!

One of our favorite home theater demos was the THX WOW! laser disc and DVD! The "WOW!" sequence is the most important part of the disc: a large trailer containing scenes from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Willow, and finishing with the Cimmaron THX trailer. It was initially only ... More


Shit Audio Guys Say

Whether you’re an audio engineer, sound designer, musician, or avid music fan, chances are you have been around a couple of “audio guys.” They are quirky, know a ton about audio (usually) and all say similar things. We hate to stereotype but if the shoe fits… Here is a quick funny video put together by WE WILL KILL TV based on the meme, Shit people say with, Shit Audio Guys Say.


Youtube Tips: Use sound and music to create engaging videos

Good sound and the right music can help your videos have a powerful and even emotional impact on your viewers. Learn why sound and music can dramatically alter your script. Learn tips to write clear dialogue, choose sound effects that tell your story, and select music that helps sell the feeling ... More


Sarah Koenig Buckles Under the Pressure of Serial's Final Episode in This Outstanding Parody by Funny or Die

Fans are already preparing themselves to be disappointed when Serial releases its final episode tomorrow, a fact that Funny or Die has captured masterfully in its new parody. The Final Episode Of Serial from Funny Or Die In "The Last ... More


Cinema Space Tribute

A glorious montage celebrating outer space in film...there is sound in space!


Sound Design Spotlight: Ryan Billia from Rumble Audio in Brooklyn, NY

Pro Sound Effects (http://www.prosoundeffects.com) is proud to announce our first Sound Design Spotlight interview featuring Ryan Billia from Rumble Audio in Brooklyn, NY. In this video, Ryan shows us his one-stop audio post facility in East Williamsburg, details his approach to ... More


A 6-Part Comprehensive Introduction to Sound and FIlmmaking

###The History of Sound at the Movies The inclusion of sound at the movies was one of the most dramatic changes in all of film history. Dive into the early experiments of Edison trying to incorporate sound from film's inception, through the experiments in the early 1920s, the Jazz Singer and ... More


Measuring Sound - PBS Video

The high levels of noise pollution in New York City instigated the formation of a noise abatement commission. Steven explains how innovator Harvey Fletcher became part of this movement and created a roving 'noise laboratory' that measured the amount of sound on the streets of the city.


Terrence Malick: The Art of Voiceover

Noel Murray’s Keynote essay on Days Of Heaven addresses at length the difficulties Terrence Malick had in figuring out how (and whether) to use voiceover narration, before finally arriving at Linda Manz’s extemporized musings—without which the film would be severely impoverished. Manz’s narration solves practical ... More


Walter Murch & Jon Favreau Discuss the Science Behind the Way We Perceive Movies

Editor and sound designer Walter Murch has some incredibly fascinating ideas on films and editing, most of which he outlines in his book In the Blink of an Eye. In it he proposes the idea that human blinks are actually a very natural cut point, and he goes on to discuss the ... More


The Distortion of Sound - Short Documentary

The Distortion of Sound is a documentary about the decline of sound quality and how technology has changed the way we listen to music. It will open your ears and inspire you to reach for richer, more soul-stirring musical experiences. The last two decades have seen a striking decline in the quality of sound ... More


Martin Scorsese: The Art of Silence

Even though Martin Scorsese is famous for his use of music, one of his best traits is his deliberate and powerful use of silence. Take a glimpse at fifty years of this simple technique from one of cinema's masters. For bringing this idea to my attention, credit goes to John Pozer: ... More


5 Reasons To Own A Turntable

Despite the naysayers, sales of turntables are rising right along side of the vinyl record boom. Where 5 years ago you had to really search to find one to buy (especially if you were on a budget), today you can find one even in your local Urban Outfitters. Here are 5 good reasons to own a turntable and playing vinyl ... More


Goodbye 3.5mm Jack

Don't you just hate those 3.5mm mini-phone jacks and plugs? The jacks are really fragile, and now that most headphones come that way, you always have to have a 1/4" adapter handy when connecting to professional gear. I'm happy to report that the 3.55mm jack may be headed for obsolescence, as Apple has quietly announced that it will ... More


What Exactly Does an Experienced Editor Do?

We live in an age where a 6-year-old with a laptop and a copy of iMovie can edit some footage together. Editing software is abundant and as easy to use as it has ever been, and the masses are using these tools to flood the internet with copious amounts of video content. But most of us can agree that simply being ... More


Johnny Cash on gospel music

"I just hope and pray I can die with my boots on." The Man In Black talks about gospel music in this PBS Blank On Blank animation of a 1996 interview by Barney Hoskyns from Rock's Backpages. I just hope and pray I can die with my boots on" - Johnny Cash, 1996 Interview by Barney Hoskyns Hear the full interview ... More


14 Studio Etiquette Tips to Ponder

Knowing the proper etiquette while recording is almost as important as doing your gig. If you make people uncomfortable or do something that’s considered out of place and chances are that you won’t be asked back. Let’s look at the way everyone expects you to act during the session with these 14 points taken from The ... More


A history of recorded music in 90 seconds.

A 90-second, race through time filmed at London's world-famous Abbey Road studios, Music Remains is a 'Recorded Music Rube Goldberg Machine' that shows music at the heart of the story of one family.


Questlove on How to Find Music You’ll Fall in Love With

Discovering new music was always an act of revolution for me. When I was 5, it was in my parents’ house, sitting near a stack of records I wasn’t allowed to touch, waiting for whatever was next on the turntable, whether it was Stevie Wonder’s Music of My Mind or the O’Jays’ Ship Ahoy. The record went ... More


The History of Cutting - The Soviet Theory of Montage

Building on the works of D.W. Griffith and the development of “continuity editing” in early film history, Soviet silent filmmakers would pioneer new innovative ideas about editing that moved film from an extension of theater into a mature and powerful artistic medium. Catch up on the beginning of ... More


Hiphop At Harvard

When multi-platinum hiphop artist Nas was growing up in the housing projects in Queensbridge, New York, he probably wouldn’t have guessed Harvard would ask to create a hiphop fellowship in his name 30 years later. But it’s happening. So how do you design a home for hiphop at Harvard? We ventured to find out.


How IMAX Makes Movies Sound as Big as Their Screens

It takes more than just overwhelmingly humongous visuals to create the immersive "IMAX Experience" that moviegoers have come to expect. The film's soundtrack plays an equally vital role. Here's an in-depth look at how IMAX engineers develop and deliver a sound big enough to match the on-screen ... More


Andrew Scheps, "Lost in Translation: Audio Quality in Streaming Media"

Lost In Translation with Andrew Scheps provides an engaging, revelatory and humorous presentation of current audio format comparisons. The demonstration showcases the auditory differences of master recordings played back in different formats such as vinyl, CD, MP3, AAC and online streaming ... More


Music lovers seek to pump up digital audio quality

When he sees people listening to music on portable digital devices, David Chesky cringes. "You can have an US$8mil (RM25.88mil) Stradivarius, and it sounds like you bought it at a local hardware store," says Chesky. A composer who also has his own record label, Chesky began a music download site in ... More


Spotify's New Free Mobile Service Signals the Fate of the Music Industry

Spotify announced yesterday that its mobile listening service will be free to users who do not subscribe. This is a significant shift for the Swedish company, which had offered mobile on-demand listening to subscribers only. It has been using mobile convenience as bait to lure about ... More


I Dream of Wires - Extended Interview with Trent Reznor & Alessandro Cortini

In January 2012, the I Dream of Wires team visited the Hollywood studio of Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor, for a joint interview with fellow NIN member, Alessandro Cortini. Through his continued interest and adoption of cutting-edge electronic instrumentation, Reznor's been witness to ... More


DRM Was a Bad Move: Sales Found to Increase 10% After Dropping the Chains (Study)

Digital rights management doesn't help the business of music -- at least according to a new study by a PhD candidate in Strategic Management at the University of Toronto named Laurina Zhang. Several years after the major labels removed DRM from their digital music files in 2009 ... More