Sound Experiments


Hearing Tarantino

From the delicate intricacies used to display the fastidiousness of a character, to the overzealous noises paying tribute to a genre--here is a quick video created to showcase the many unique and effective sounds used in the films of ... More


How A Blind Man Sees With Sound

Daniel Kish uses flash sonar to “see” the world around him. Daniel Kish (born 1966 in Montebello, California) is an American expert in human echolocation and President of World Access for the Blind, a non-profit ... More


Harry Baauer: Searching For Sound

To the more than 1 billion people who have created or watched "Harlem Shake" videos, Harry "Baauer" Rodrigues is best known as the man behind the song. But the DJ, producer and audiophile is no one hit wonder. Collaborating ... More


Sixty seconds of Bone Breaking Sound Effects

Welcome to sixty seconds of pure bone crunching movie madness, many things can make a film scene cringe worthy, a ridiculous fight scene (Daredevil we're looking at you), corny one-liners or just any of Nic Cage's accents. But bone breaking has the power to make everyone wince once in a while.


The Museum Of Endangered Sounds

The Museum Of Endangered Sounds is owned and operated by Brendan Chilcutt and be experienced here: ABOUT THE MUSEUM: I launched the site in January of 2012 as a way to preserve the sounds made ... More


HPSTR Pyramid - Experimental Instrumentation

The HPSTR Pyramid is an attempt to create an alternative — but native to digital world — interface, to conventional knobs and slide controls. It's an approach to have the same basic and generic functionality a knob has but to achieve it with a ... More