Sound Experiments


j.viewz playing Teardrop with vegetables

J.Viewz' mom must be so mad. He doesn't just play with his food, he plays music with it. He first wires an eggplant, kiwi, strawberries, grapes, carrots and mushrooms to a MaKey MaKey. Tapping each piece of produce closes an electrical circuit which then sends a signal to the attached keyboard and plays a ... More


Mastering Audio & The Art of Listening with Jonathan Wyner

In this video, gain insight into the world of audio mastering, as well as tips on how to listen to and master audio effectively. In addition, Jonathan shares practical tips on setting up your mastering studio environment. iZotope stopped by the M Works Mastering studio founded and run by the ... More


Synesthetic Locked

"Synesthesia is the involuntary stimulation of the senses produced by a unexpected source. See sounds, feel colors, hear geometric figures, smell moments... But once you have experienced that kind of sense connections hardly you will be able to perceive something with no associations. You are synesthetic locked." One day, while ... More


Shaking Through: online documentary series about the birth of a song

"Shaking Through" is a documentary series "about the birth of a song," in which 10 independent musicians per year are presented with a challenge: "Record one song in two days. First take to final mix. No extensions. No safety net." This edition (2/27/2013 – Vol. 4, Episode 2) features ... More


The Power of Sound - A Best Picture Remix

Dolby has long championed the art of storytelling. Working closely with directors and sound designers, we helped create some of the most exciting and memorable movie experiences ever. And now we make it possible for you to enjoy these experiences anywhere. We asked video artist Mike Relm to create a mashup using clips from the year’s ... More


Project Genesis, a sound design story

What if the history books have it wrong? What if the tool is the master of its maker? Did Mac create Man? Project Genesis, a short film by Alessio Fava about a world populated only by old Apple computers, has arrived! Cult of Mac presented the International Premiere of the short film. To create a world populated ... More


TONSTURM 09 Aquaphone Sound Effects Library

TONSTURM 09 | Aquaphone is based on our recordings of the Aquaphone (Modell Megabass 250 - 600 ccm) also known as Waterphone. We captured this magical instrument in three exciting soundscapes in 2.0 stereo and discrete 5.0 surround. Over 6 GB of spooky, paranormal and atmospheric sounds in HD Audio @ 24 Bit, 192 ... More


The Universal History of Music In One Awesome Timelapse Drawing

I love timelapse drawings that explain complex things, like timelines or processes. They are usually mesmerizing and beautiful. This history of music is no exception. It's brilliant. Although some of the technical terms are in Spanish, you will understand it all.


Watch Capcom Get Sound Effects By Recording Some Very Angry Zoo Animals

If there was a list of the most underappreciated fields in the video game industry, surely sound design would be up near the top. Despite creating and capturing one of a game's most crucial aspects, you never really hear from the men and women working in the field, and you rarely get a ... More


An Overview Of The Dial Up Sound

“If you ever connected to the Internet before the 2000s, you probably remember that it made a peculiar sound. But despite becoming so familiar, it remained a mystery for most of us. What do these sounds mean?” Click on the link above for a full page ... More


I Dream of Wires - a documentary about the modular synthesizer

Dream of Wires is an independent documentary film about the resurgence of the modular synthesizer. The trailer for an extended edition, linked below, has already had nearly 30'000 views in only three day and features musicians such as Trent Reznor, Carl Craid and John Foxx. While the 85-minute ... More


Interfacing Music with Light, A Musical Instrument Makes Performance Mysterious, Surprising

One of my earliest memories is of the piano. We’ve become so accustomed to this contraption, that it’s easy to lose sight of the pleasure of touching the apparatus of the keys and hearing sound. So, perhaps the endless experimentation with sensors and interfaces – ... More


Level Up! - For 8-bit Sounds and String Orchestra

Level up! is a succession of variations based on an original theme, for keyboard soloist (playing 8bit sounds) and string orchestra. Each variation evokes a typical video game situation (opening theme, time up jingle, boss fight, game over jingle, etc.). The piece is composed in homage to the video games of ... More


Beck "Sound and Vision" by Chris Milk and Beck

Beck reimagines David Bowie's "Sound and Vision" in a surround sound live performance. Directed by Chris Milk Produced by Samantha Storr Cinematography by Bradford Young Edited by Logan Hefflefinger Telecine by Dave Hussy More information:


Matthew Steinke and a merry band of robotically-played instruments

Octant is a synth-pop project comprised entirely of mastermind Matthew Steinke and a merry band of robotically-played instruments. The homemade blip-bleeping creations are genius and a sight to see, especially in a place like Sycamore -- a Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, bar that also happens to ... More


The Mixtape Table

The Mixtape Table — a 12:1 scale replica of a cassette tape — is now available. The Mixtape Table is made of high-grade Baltic Birch Plywood with maple veneer, solid American Walnut “tape” throughout, and a hand-rubbed oil finish. Each coffee table is built to order, hand-assembled and finished in Seattle by the JSD team. The table is ... More


Diddley Bow Unplugged

Joseph Fraioli shows the usage of a diddley bow, a primitive a two stringed electric slide guitar with a contact pickup inside a closed can for amplification. The ekdahl moisturizer is a spring reverb / filter unit designed to be abused, its sonic capabilities have been furthered by a number of modifications. These devices are being ... More


Watch What Happens When You Drop a White-Hot Nickel Ball on Ice

When we first noticed that a YouTube video of a super-hot nickel ball dropped onto a block of ice was trending big-time, we wondered what was so interesting about it. Once we began watching this short clip that lasts less than a minute, we found it strangely mesmerizing. Watch the ball of ... More


Why Spotify didn't exist in the '80s

Big metal rock hair, LA Gear shoes, and the first episode of Save by the Bell all happened in the 80's. Fortunately, thanks to the advancement of technology and the internet, we can now enjoy some fantastic services. Here is why Spotify didn't exist in the '80s. ###Also here is why Linkedin didn't exist in the '80s. ###And Youtube: ###And lastly Google:


IN PURSUIT OF SILENCE: Feature Documentary

From the monastic traditions of the world's religions to the universal "moment of silence" as an act of mourning, humanity has had a long fascination with silence. Today when one in three Americans suffers from some degree of hearing impairment, this relationship with silence, which once served as the key to our ... More


The History of Wooing Men: a cdza video music experiment

From Joe Sabia and the CDZA project, yet another fantastic weekly video experiment: A chronology of songs sung by women who are trying to capture the hearts of guys. "It all went downhill after 1996. Or uphill... depending on how you look at it," Joe says. This one features Dylan C. Moore. It all ... More


What Beatboxing Looks Like Through an MRI Scanner

Researchers at the University of Southern California used a real-time MRI to evaluate a beatboxer as he went through several different vocal effects (like those above) to determine what kind of “paralinguistic mechanisms” he was using to make the sounds. The art of beatboxing is unparalleled – intricate ... More


REM's "Losing My Religion" shifted into a major scale

REM famous ballad "Losing My Religion" digitally reworked with a major scale. Michael sez, "Someone has gone to the trouble (I don't know how but would suspect using Melodyne DNA or somesuch) of processing REM's minor-scale downer hit 'Losing My Religion' so that all the minor notes are now major. When ... More


Hiss and a Roar "Entropy" Sound Effects Library Released

This library was created by recording sound created by heat transfer in many, many different forms. Whether it was cooking and burning various food types, turning water and ice into vapour, rapidly cooling very hot metals or physically manipulating objects on dry ice, this is a sound library with a ... More


Beatoven Transforms A Cooking Pot Into A DJ Interface

A gurgling pot of stock. The whistle of a tea kettle. An electrifying sizzle as a steak hits hot cast iron. A kitchen already has its own soundscape, but could this environment make its way into formalized music? Beatoven, by interaction artist Viktor Jan, is basically a MIDI-connected pot. When ... More


Kronos Quartet and the secret life of lemurs

Michael Hearst of the delightful Unusual Creatures project has just released his first episode of "Songs for Unusual Creatures." The premier features the Kronos Quartet and the Aye-Aye, an unusual kind of primate! For more curious animals, check out Hearst's book "Unusual Creatures: A Mostly Accurate Account of ... More


Folkstreams free archive of folk/roots culture documentaries

Folkstreams is an incredible online archive of documentary films about American folk and roots music and culture. Above, an excerpt from "Born For Hard Luck," a 1976 film by Tom Davenport about harmonica player and comedian Arthur "Peg Leg Sam" Jackson." (A clip of this film appears in the French ... More


One Laser + Hourglass + Circuits = Crazy Gijs Noise Generator

Now, here’s the way to do an analog noise generator oscillator: use grains of sand. As falling sand interrupts the flow of a laser to a light-sensitive sensor (a photodetector), the circuit produces random oscillations of sound. It’s the latest brilliant creation of mad Dutch scientist Gijs ... More


The New Moog: 25-Key Synth Prototype Walkthrough with Pioneer Herb Deutsch

Moog has revealed the innards of the synth they’re launching later this month, and it looks like a cute but sonically-rich analog monosynth: two-octave keyboard, no display, plenty of knobs. What’s best is, we get not some strange Web teaser or blurry cropped photos, but a ... More


Handmade Custom Guitars by Paul Rhoney Video

The process of building a custom guitar is something that takes patience, talent, and an eye for precision. Elk Grove, CA based custom guitar builder Paul Rhoney took the rare leap of faith to follow his passion for guitars and open his own custom shop. In this great video, filmmaker Ryan Shevlin follows ... More