Sunset Overdrive - Behind the Music

Pyramind Studios Produces 42 Song Original Soundtrack for Xbox One Exclusive, “Sunset Overdrive”. Producing the one hundred and fifty minutes of original music for Sunset Overdrive was a large under taking. Pyramind ... More


How Interstellar’s Stunning Score Was Made

Watching Interstellar, it’s easy to get caught up in Christopher Nolan’s gorgeous, data-rich visualizations of black holes and tidal waves. But as I wrote last week, the film’s score—composed by longtime Nolan ... More


District 9 Soundtrack Double LP

Upon its release in 2009, DISTRICT 9 transcended the confines of the science fiction/thriller film genre to become a certified mainstream phenomenon. A Peter Jackson production as well as the directorial debut by writer Neill ... More


An Evening with Showtime Composers Event

On Monday night, two of Showtime's most talented composers, Sean Callery and Daniel Licht participated in the Society of Composers and Lyricists (SCL) panel "An Evening with Showtime Composers." The panel was ... More