Exclusive: 2016 Mix Magazine Sound for Film Panels - Audio Podcast

October 02, 2016 10:48pm

This week we are featuring the third annual Mix Presents Sound for Film, which this year has grown into Mix Presents Sound for Film and Television, an all-day exhibition and conference spotlighting the technologies and techniques behind sound for picture, from production to playback.

The boom in television and streaming services, along with the emergence of Virtual Reality, has led to a technology/workflow change in how content is produced. The techniques and tools are merging, and studios and producers have adapted their methods.

Sound Inspiration Within the Storytelling Process

How do sound designers find inspiration? What paths do they take to tap into their creative minds to create unique sound tracks? Leading sound designers in film and television will discuss those moments where sound becomes the driving factor of the story, and then detail how those sounds are achieved.

Moderator: Carolyn Giardina, Hollywood Reporter

Panelists: Will Files, MPSE • Mark P. Stoeckinger, MPSE • Paula Fairfield, MPSE • Ben L. Cook, MPSE • Harry Cohen • Paul Menichini, MPSE

Workflow for Musicals in Film and Television Production

Historically, musical sequences in film and television have been done with pre-records, playback and lip-synching. There has been a move in recent years toward a more organic approach to recording live performances for these types of scenes.

Moderator: Glen Trew, CAS

Panelists: Gary Bourgeois, CAS • Phil Palmer, CAS • David Klotz • Gary Raymond • Joseph Magee

Building an Immersive Room: Small, Medium and Large

You don’t need a Hollywood-sized re-recording stage to create a compelling immersive soundtrack. But you do need to know the basic requirements of system design and setup—from console/DAW integration to monitor placement—to ensure that the tracks translate to the outside world. In this discussion, chief engineers, studio designers, system integrators and leading immersive manufacturers detail how to build small, medium and large immersive post-production spaces to fit any need.

Moderator: Jonathan Deans, CTO, Westlake Pro

Panelists: Bill Johnston, VP of Engineering, Formosa Group • Nathan Oishi, Director of Engineering, Sony Pictures Studios • Jerry Steckling, CTO, JSX • Mark Binder, re-recording mixer • Tom Brewer, re-recording mixer • Brett Crockett, Vice President, Sound Technology Research and Development, Dolby • Peter Chaikin, JBL