GameSoundCon 2018 - Podcast Episodes

November 14, 2018 11:55am

Two Days of intensive sessions, panels and masterclasses on the business, creative and technical challenges of game music and sound, designed for those coming from Film, TV, music and other more traditional media.

Composing music for video games is more than just uploading wave files to an FTP site. Video game sound design requires more than great ProTools chops. GameSoundCon teaches the core concepts, practical skills and game audio training to get a music or sound design job in the video game industry.

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Paul Lipson Keynote - "A Hand in the Sun"

An award-winning executive, audio director and composer, Paul’s career has taken him all over the world and has helped him innovate and advocate as a leading figure in the interactive entertainment industry. As the creative leader of Formosa Interactive, he works as the Vice President of Creative Services - driving strategy, content development, and audio pipelines with the famed award winning team in Los Angeles, California.

Brian White & Brian Trifon - Beyond The Presets

Join composing team Brian Trifon and Brian Lee White (aka Finishing Move) as they discuss and share their approach to musical sound design. Learn how they craft bespoke soundscapes that cut through the crowd of generic presets and commercial sample libraries to create a unique sonic identity for every project. In this 25 minute presentation, the team will discuss their general process/approach to musical sound design for games, share some specific examples of how they create entirely new sounds and instruments for iconic franchises, as well as provide some tips for those looking to create or expand on their own pallet of sounds.

Nose to Tail: A Conversation About Dialog with Naughty Dog

Spend an hour with Becky Dodd (Talent and Production Coordinator), Ryan James (Lead Editor), and Ammie Puckett (Localization Manager) of formidable development studio, Naughty Dog, as they walk through the studio’s overall approach to the Dialogue process in their games, with tips and tidbits that might help you navigate your path through projects of all shapes and sizes.

Nuts and Bolts of Immersive Audio for 360/VR/AR/MR

This session provides an introduction to the terms and concepts that form the basis for immersive audio as found in 360 degree environments. While many topics are extensions or subsets of typical game audio concepts, working in this up and coming media format brings with it some additional considerations. This session provides an overview of the first things you need to understand and consider as you step into this growing field.

Thomas Dolby - The Next Generation of non-linear VR Composers

In the future, music composers are going need to be able to think and create in a non-linear way. This goes way beyond branching or crossfading stems of pre-mixed music: they will need to create adaptive music scores and orchestrations that respond in real time to user choices, game states, and arbitrary messages from the game engine. Armed with this knowledge, how can college educators compile the curriculum for a multi-year VR/Games music composition program in the face of technology and tools that are rapidly evolving? And, given the relatively unexplored nature of non-linear composition, who is truly qualified to teach it?

Prof. Thomas Dolby discusses the challenges in the creation of the Peabody Conservatory's innovative 'Music for New Media' program at the Johns Hopkins University.

Tom Salta - Composing Interactive Music

This session will walk attendees through the foundations and various stages of scoring music for video games. Tom Salta will share his composing workflow from start to finish covering everything from working with the game designer, concept development, interactive composition considerations, testing and more. This talk will offer valuable insights for beginners as well as seasoned pros.

Marty O'Donnell - VR Audio: Forget the Tech! What do you hear?

VR game development still has many questions left to be answered, and in the past three years of development, Highwire Games has attempted to answer some of them. In this talk, we discuss the techniques used to realize the soundscape of Golem, a fully-featured, high-fidelity game for PlayStation VR. From the first sounds that caught our ears through the challenges that arose and the solutions we found, we answered many questions, but many are still left. Developing in virtual reality requires new technologies and techniques, but also a steadfast commitment to the aesthetics of traditional media. We’ll discuss why, in the end, it's still all about what comes out of the speakers (or in this case, the headphones).