GDC 2015 - Women in Game Audio Panel

March 24, 2015 2:26pm

This panel, led by veteran composers and audio professionals, will present an inspiring discussion about how women cultivate careers in game audio and about the diverse voices women can bring to games.

Corina Bello - Associate Sound Designer, High Moon Studios
Penka Kouneva - Lead Composer, Kouneva Studios
Laura Karpman - Lead Composer, Laura Karpman Music
Paul Lipson - Senior Audio Director, Microsoft Studios
Benedicte Ouimet - Music Supervisor, Ubisoft Montreal
Belinda Van Sickle - President, Women in Games International

The panel will address a core question: is there any difference between the way a man and a woman composes music? What are the pros and cons of versatility (writing powerful music in many conventional idioms) versus having a unique, distinctive voice? Why is it important for women in the game industry to support each other? How can men help? How can women and men balance issues of work and family? How can women convince decision makers to trust them with big budgets and high stakes?

We will examine the challenges of cultivating a career, the required skill sets, and the success stories, along with the political and business savvy needed for a progressive career path. The panelists will also discuss patterns of cultivating careers as a game composer, what has worked for women in other creative tracks (development, design and programming), opportunities for professional growth, navigating the minefields on a high-stakes job, overcoming career stagnation, and branding/re-branding.

Music credits:

Laura Karpman – Kinect Disneyland Adventure and EverQuest
Penka Kouneva – Airforce against Megatron (Transformers Revenge of the Fallen) and Between Eden (A Warrior's Odyssey)