John Meyer Presentation at Crowden School of Music

January 11, 2015 2:48pm

John Meyer’s influence on the way audiences hear sound spans four decades, dating back to 1967 when he assembled a high-fidelity bass guitar amplification system for The Steve Miller Band’s appearance at the legendary Monterey Pop Festival. Since then, John Meyer and his company Meyer Sound have introduced many innovations that have changed the face of sound reproduction, especially in the area of live sound, where he has brought loudspeaker linearity, consistency, and reliability to a whole new level.

When John Meyer entered the field of sound reinforcement, sound systems commonly failed before the end of performances, and the sound they presented was usually of poor quality, due to a combination of flaws in design, manufacturing, and deployment. John’s efforts, always centered on improving the audience experience, have significantly raised the standards in all of these areas. John is a proud recipient of the MIPA Lifetime Achievement Award, but recognition of his contributions goes beyond the bounds of the AV world, as illustrated by his receiving a coveted R&D 100 Award, which recognizes the 100 most technologically significant achievements of the year worldwide in a variety of disciplines. To date, Meyer Sound has garnered more than 40 U.S. and international patents.

About The Crowden School:

The Crowden School is a day school for children in grades four through eight. We combine an intellectually engaging academic curriculum with a distinguished music program for students of strings and piano.

The first of its kind in the nation, The Crowden School remains a place unlike any other. Founded by violinist Anne Crowden in 1983, the school provides an environment for musically interested children. Although characterized by our distinctive musical program, our Primary Goal is to give the children a first-class education in balance with their musical needs. We like to say that we produce "virtuoso children," not virtuoso musicians.

The music program includes technique classes, chamber music coaching in small and large ensembles, music history and theory--all designed help each child find his or her unique, musical voice. Chamber music forms the heart of the music program. Ensemble work develops the ability to concentrate, to cooperate, and to accept responsibility for one's own part of the artistic process. Through coaching, rehearsal and performance, students form an enduring bond with their peers within this very special community.

Students may enter the fourth and fifth grades as beginners. However, piano and composition students must be more advanced to be admitted to the program. String students entering the upper grades should have some musical experience. At every level, the music faculty works with the student's private music teacher to ensure that the Crowden program complements and enhances the student's private study. The Crowden program supports both the exceptionally gifted young musician and the student with a more general interest in music.