Making of a Film Score - The Great Human Odyssey

January 15, 2015 1:23am
Source: CBC

Filmmaker and Anthropologist Niobe Thompson teamed up with Composer Darren Fung to create a magnificent musical score for the upcoming CBC series The Great Human Odyssey. In an era when live-recorded orchestral scores are a dying breed, Thompson and Fung brought the Edmonton Symphony and ProCoro Canada to one of North America's premiere acoustic spaces: Edmonton's Winspear Centre. Over three days, over 70 classical musicians and a large team of sound recording engineers recorded a remarkable score, capped with a sold-out public performance. See what happened!

The Great Human Odyssey will debut at 8pm on February 12, 2014 on CBC's The Nature of Things.


Did you know that Planet Earth was once a lot like Middle Earth – full of different beings, all walking on two feet, all much like us? Why are we now alone, the last ape standing?

It might have something to do with the climate. Humans evolved during the most volatile period of climate change since the extinction of the dinosaurs? Our species has only walked the earth for a fraction of that time – about 200,000 years. But in that brief window in time, we’ve colonized the planet and adapted to every one of its environments. We’re at home on freezing tundra, waterless deserts, and remote Pacific islands.

The journey was never easy. Most early humans died away, leaving only our particular line – the last walking, thinking ape on planet Earth. But just as our ever-changing world punished us, it handed us a precious gift – the gift of survival.

Anthropologist Dr. Niobe Thompson is travelling the world to tell the story of the human odyssey. With cutting-edge camera technology and a team of adventure cinematography specialists, this three-part series explores how new discoveries are redrawing our knowledge of human origins. From an extremely rare skin-cutting ceremony on a New Guinea river, to the discovery of the earliest humans to settle the Artic, from San Bushmen living in a waterless world, to a culture of free-diving sea nomads surviving in a war zone, The Great Human Odyssey will bring the miraculous story of our origins, and perseverance, to life.

Follow Niobe and his film crew on their own yearlong journey around the planet, and learn what adventures befall them, and their mountain of film equipment.