SCORE: A Film Music Documentary

February 16, 2015 1:33am

Check out this great Kickstarter music documentary about Hollywood's premier composers and the world's most-recognized music genre: the film score.

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About this Project:

Last summer we set out to create a first-of-its-kind, definitive documentary about the power of film scores. As Emmy Award-winning journalists, we quickly knew we’d uncovered something magical: a privileged look at the lives of the world’s greatest living virtuosos.

Because Hollywood films are released around the world, film scores are the world’s most international music genre. Billions of people from Hong Kong to Brazil can hum the Star Wars theme as well as any American. And perhaps it’s no wonder. The combination of music and image is the world's most expressive medium, opening up a deep, emotional connection that inspires us, gives us goosebumps, and can make even the manliest men cry like a baby.

Our film will explore the power of film music as an art form, and why it’s famously been used to score graduation ceremonies, weddings, and even the President of the United States.

Writing a symphony is hard, but few musicians can craft symphonies around visuals, weaving new ideas and feelings into a film. Composers must be psychologists, able to identify and manipulate the emotions that make for powerful moments — much like a great writer uses words to communicate a brilliant idea.

Our film will explain the tricks composers use to make a powerful moment stick in our hearts — and how well-timed melodies and unconventional sounds turn heroes into villains and tension into triumph.

Never before has a documentary delved into the musical structure of the sounds that provoke and inspire us, despite film music's role as the symphonic music of today. Aside from the occasional DVD extra, film composers’ stories are too often ignored or simply forgotten, such as:

Why Disney’s Frozen originally had a darker, more determined sound.

The last-minute frenzy to re-score Pirates of the Caribbean after its original pirate score was thrown out.

How World War Z's original score bumped it to an R rating from PG-13.

What Steven Spielberg changed about E.T.'s famous across-the-moon shot so John Williams could write music for it.

We’ve uncovered part of music’s history, and are well on our way to crafting what we believe will be the definitive film on the subject. We need your support to finish SCORE, and simply put, this film cannot be made without you.