Short Film "Confusion Through Sand" Features Amazing Sound Design

February 03, 2015 10:10pm
Source: Vimeo Blog

This film was entirely hand-animated on recycled paper. The sound design was performed by Danny Madden and Pete Horner of Skywalker Sound.

Also check out a peek at how and where Confusion Through Sand was animated.

Production question from

Along with the movement, the sound design was especially gripping for the viewer. How did you go about creating a soundscape that matched the intensity of the images?

Danny: The approach was to have it sound like you're under the helmet, to have a realism in the soundscape that provides solid footing for the impressionistic animation style. So I just shoved a small recorder into my brother's face and threw sand at him. We tussled around with different objects and dirt and sand in my parents' garage then did some of the more specific work — bullet whips and gear handling and such — in the foley room at Skywalker.

Alt text

Ben: Adding some of that dark and gritty and ugly to the sounds really helped too, I think. Working with Pete Horner up at Skywalker Sound really helped bring out the claustrophobic sound. Little things were built specifically, the way the gun shots weren’t cool, but they hurt a little, those elements really helped tell the story in a way that people often forget that sound can.