Strange and Bizarre Musical Instruments

July 30, 2015 10:22pm

Here are the biggest, strangest, most bizarre musical instruments in the world. One of these is a badger.

Glass Armonica:

Composer William Zeitler plays a glass armonica, invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1761.


Eigenharp is a brand of electronic instrument made by Eigenlabs, a company based in Devon, UK, invented by John Lambert and released in 2009 after developing it for eight years. The "instrument" is in essence a highly flexible and portable controller, with the sound being actually generated in the software it drives.

The Badgermin:

The Badgermin is a theremin created from a PAiA Theremax kit and a stuffed badger.

Monster Tubulum:

The Tubulum is similar to the PVC instrument but has more of an updated sound. This instrument is struck with drumsticks rather than paddles. Its notes reside primarily in the bass range and it is the featured instrument in Blue Man Group’s version of Donna Summer’s classic “I Feel Love” from The Complex. One of the reasons Blue Man Group was so excited to record this song was because the Tubulum does a great imitation of the fast synthesizer arpeggios found in techno music.

The Anarchestra:

The Anarchestra is set up as an interactive art installation that the public gets to play. It can be tuned all to the same key making it hard to hit the wrong notes. You don't have to be a good musician to play it.

Potato Pipes:

The freshest thing in new music is fresh vegetables, and whatever is on the table at the Nan brother's household tonight, it probably isn't healthy. The two have been using all their veg for making musical instruments from vegetables and giving numerous performances in China.

The Vegetable Orchestra:

The Vegetable Orchestra performs with instruments made from fresh vegetables, which must be built anew for each concert and each rehearsal. The use of various vegetable instruments which are constantly being refined creates a musically and aesthetically unique universe of sound, which cannot be achieved with traditional instruments.