The Music of The Lego Batman Movie with Composer Lorne Balfe

February 20, 2017 9:41pm

It should come as no surprise that a movie that explores the loneliness that Batman must feel in the bat-cave after leaving his adoring public behind — even one involving LEGOs — has a fairly dark orchestral score thanks to composer Lorne Balfe, who argues that The LEGO Batman Movie has just as much emotional depth as any live-action Dark Knight tale. Balfe, who was part of the musical department for The Dark Knight series of films, shared some of his thoughts on writing for this animated incarnation of the hero’s story.

Composer Lorne Balfe [TERMINATOR GENISYS, CHURCHILL, THE STORY OF GOD WITH MORGAN FREEMAN] is a Grammy Award-winning, EMMY and BAFTA nominated film composer from Inverness, Scotland. His filmography boasts an incredible breadth and depth of titles, ranging from major studio to independent films, tentpole video game franchises, beloved animated feature films, critically acclaimed television series, and documentary features.