The Secret World of Foley

June 16, 2016 1:04pm

'The Secret World of Foley', takes us on a journey into the little known world of Foley Artists, who bring films to life by adding sound effects in post-production. We follow a multi-award winning two person team of Foley Artists and watch as they work together to bring to life a film about one morning in the life of a fishing village on the English coast. With their perfectly timed and precisely judged sound effects they transform the film as they interpret every sound detail, using props from their vast props store. This film shines a light on a little known film art form and is a testament to magic and wonder of Cinema itself.


Sue discovered foley 11 years ago, whilst working in an administrative position at a post-production company in Soho, London. Having been someone who grew up preoccupied with sound and the details of the everyday her discovery of such a profession seemed fortuitous to say the least. Here was a job that allowed her to pursue her love of the footstep. She immediately began to attend as many foley sessions as possible. Over the years she learnt the techniques of creating bespoke sounds and performing them in sync and with character, gratefully taught to her by veteran artists such as Pete Burgis. In recent years Sue has worked on a wide variety of productions, from big budget feature films to children’s television animation and has also leant her skills to many artistic projects and installations. She is particularly excited to be involved in a film where the little understood world of foley is so beautifully represented.


Peter Burgis is a legendary British Foley Artist who has worked on over 150 feature films including the Oscar winning The King's Speech, Gosford Park and Slumdog Millionaire and other major feature films including Atonement, Children of Men, Quantum of Solace, Captain Phillips and the Harry Potter films. He is also a double Emmy Award winner and a triple Golden Reel Award winner.