The Sound Advice Tour with Frank Serafine

March 17, 2015 9:38am

Hearing is our most prominent sense. Unlike the visual, sound is a 360-degree omnipresent experience that surrounds us constantly. On The Sound Advice Tour with Frank Serafine you will be exposed to a comprehensive overview of every role sound plays in a film, web, or broadcast production. Designed for filmmakers, editors, and aspiring sound engineers, this all-day workshop will cover techniques and tools that will expand your skills and give you a solid foundation for the effective use of audio in all of your projects.

Sound is 70% of a movie’s success. Frank Serafine’s, Sound Advice Tour will walk filmmakers through his award-winning secrets for sound recording, editing, effects, mixing, design and inspiration. During this interactive workshop, Frank Serafine will instill both technique and theory to educate attendees on the many aspects needed to make sound cohesive with the project at hand.

Join Frank on this 33-city educational tour, which will run from April 26th through July 2nd 2015. The tour features a daytime interactive workshop from 9am-730pm. Geared towards professional and emerging filmmakers, this workshop is ideal for sound editors and designers of all stripes.

Frank Serafine’s, Sound Advice Tour is the opportunity to learn methods and techniques from a true visionary. For more information please visit:



One of Hollywood’s top sound designers, Frank Serafine is a sound designer who has created sounds for television shows, video games and major motion pictures, including, Poltergeist and The Hunt for Red October, which earned its sound editing team an Oscar. In 1979, Frank Serafine started his first project as a sound editor, where he did all of the sound for the visual effects in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The technology and ideas that Frank Serafine contributed to the making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture were revolutionary for the motion picture industry.

Today, Frank Serafine builds his library of recorded sound effects and licenses them to filmmakers around the world. His vast library contains an endless selection of sounds ranging from the simple bark of the dog, to complex sounds of the future. Many of the noises found in his library have been used in major motion pictures, including the first Lord of The Rings.