The Sound of Finite Films

December 29, 2012 3:55pm
Source: Finite Films

A look into the sound design of Finite Films, focusing on how we tried to create the best soundtracks we could for the twelve short films we made over the year.

Daniel Clark will be returning as Supervising Sound Designer for our new web-series, Anamnesis.

To learn more about it, visit out Kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/finite-films/anamnesis-a-sci-fi-web-series-about-lucid-dreaming

About Finite Films

Three young filmmakers who met in college—Alex Calleros, Ryan McDuffie, and Michael Tucker—co-founded Finite Films in 2011, setting out to create a new creative process that integrates social media and indie filmmaking.

The idea for Finite-Films.com came when we were considering what our next film project would be. We’d found that using constraints was a great way to inspire and challenge each other. Then, we thought, “why not make the constraints process an interactive experience, involving the very audience we make movies for?”—you!

What do we mean by constraints?

Here are some examples: “One character must have a secret” “One scene must take place in a laundry room” “Must end in a parking garage”

They are broad restrictions or rules that set the stage for a new short film. From finite constraints come infinite possibilities.

Every Movie Starts With You

• Anyone, anytime can submit a 1-sentence constraint.

• At the end of every month, we create a list of our favorite 21 constraints that users get to vote on.

• The top 7 become our new set of constraints for a short film that we will produce.

• Each time we post a new film, visitors can see the set of rules we had to follow, along with who submitted them. The writers of that film’s constraints get their names in the credits as well!

• A new short film premieres at the beginning of every month; and while we’re in production, track our progress with our weekly video Production Diaries!

We’ve built a big, diverse team of actors, writers, and filmmakers in Los Angeles who are itching to collaborate with each other and produce fresh, exciting short films. Now we can’t wait to see what challenges you come up with for us!

For more from Finite Films visit our website: www.finite-films.com