The Sound of The Idealist with Sound Designer Peter Albrechtsen and Sound Re-recording Mixer Lars Ginzel

May 01, 2015 12:53pm

Check out this great video about the sound of Danish film, "The Idealist" featuring Sound Designer Peter Albrechtsen and Sound Re-recording Mixer Lars Ginzel.

ABOUT THE FILM: The Idealist' starts in the Cold War era, 1968, when a US B-52 bomber crashes into Greenland near the US military base Thule Air Base. The plane has four hydrogen bombs in its cargo, but the government immediately get control of the cleanup, and the case is soon a closed chapter in the history of Denmark. 20 years later a young energetic radio journalist, Poul Brink, finds serious illnesses amongst the former Thule workers.

He begins to dig into the matter and soon discovers that the truth behind the crash is more comprehensive and far darker than expected. The Danish and the US governments have good reason to meet him with deafening silence, but Brink does not intend to conceal anything. 'The Idealist' concerns tense political material on par with 'All the President's men' and the Christina Rosendahl film is also based on real events, which in this film are supported by atmospheric archival material. The main role of Brink is played by the Danish talent Peter Plaugborg (Submarino) flanked by Soren Malling (A Hijacking).