Watch Capcom Get Sound Effects By Recording Some Very Angry Zoo Animals

February 14, 2013 11:07pm
Source: Kotaku

If there was a list of the most underappreciated fields in the video game industry, surely sound design would be up near the top. Despite creating and capturing one of a game's most crucial aspects, you never really hear from the men and women working in the field, and you rarely get a chance to see how their particular sausage is made.

So it's great to get a chance today, courtesy of this video by website Designing Sound, which shows some of the guys from Warner Bros. - contracted by Capcom to capture sound for Dragon's Dogma - going about their business.

Which seems to involve a lot of "antagonising caged animals".

Designing Sound also have a great interview with Tomoya Kishi, Audio Director and Senior Manager of Audio Design and Production at Capcom, which you can read below.

Capcom Audio Director Tomoya Kishi Interview: