Youtube Tips: Use sound and music to create engaging videos

January 14, 2015 1:31am
Source: Youtube

Good sound and the right music can help your videos have a powerful and even emotional impact on your viewers. Learn why sound and music can dramatically alter your script. Learn tips to write clear dialogue, choose sound effects that tell your story, and select music that helps sell the feeling of your video.

Video 1: Good Sound

Good sound is essential to make sure audiences can hear what your videos are about and stay tuned in! Learn why simple sound recording techniques can help you connect with your viewers every time.

Video 2: Sound Effects

Sound effects can make your videos feel more real - or even transport your audience into an entirely new world. Learn why using sound effects are a great way to engage your audience in new ways and up your production value.

Video 3: Add Music

Music can be the magic element that makes your videos more meaningful and impactful. Learn why using the perfect music in the right place can help you truly reach the hearts of your viewers.