THX Home Theater Made Easy S1 E7 - Electronics

In this episode, THX Expert John Dahl explains the different certification categories THX offers for AVRs, as well as outlining some creative ways to hide equipment from the main room.


THX Home Theater Made Easy S1 E8 - Remote Control

John Dahl gets into the basics of how to pick a remote control for home theater use. The discussion gets into RF vs. IR and more.


THX Home Theater Made Easy S1 E6 - Surround Speakers

This video gets into the basics of selecting surround sound speakers from traditional speakers to di-pole speakers to tri-pole speakers.


THX Home Theater Made Easy - Episode 1 - The THX Approach

Produced by THX in conjunction with these are the first two of eleven educational videos designed to help the mainstream consumer learn creative ways to get their home theater system ... More


THX Home Theater Made Easy - Episode 2 - Room & Seating

In video two, THX gives advice about seating placement, lighting control and how to plan for your home theater before you buy your gear. The specifics of your room and home's layout effect many of the decisions that you will need to make.


THX Home Theater Made Easy - Episode 3 - Display

In Episode III, THX expert John Dahl walks viewers through the process of buying the right size display for your room and seating arrangement. NOTE: Calculations for recommended screen size should be made in inches


THX Home Theater Made Easy - Episode 4 - Front Speakers

In Episode IV, John talks about placement of the front speakers, and importance of the quality of the center channel.


THX Home Theater Made Easy - Episode 5 - Subwoofer

Episode V discusses the importance of blending the subwoofer with the front speakers, and how the room can effect quality of bass from seat to seat.


THX CE Certification

Over the past 30 years, THX has certified thousands of movie theaters, post-production facilities, sound mixing rooms, consumer electronic devices, DVD/Blu-ray titles and games. It is this level of involvement within the content ... More


THX Certified Cinemas

THX Certified Cinemas hold the promise of delivering the director's vision with the best visuals and sound experiences possible. A theater that doesn't just provide dazzling sight and sound, but one that perfectly embraces you into the film.