GameSoundCon 2010: "Introduction to Game Audio"

Introduction to Game Audio: How Games are Different from Anything You've Worked on Before.

This session provides an introduction and exploration into the many ways in which video game music and sound design are fundamentally different from linear media such as television or film. It also covers what to expect when working on a game, and how being part of a game team is very different from being hired to score or do sound design for more traditional media.


What is GameSoundCon?
GameSoundCon is for composers, sound designers, audio engineers and others who want to learn what it takes to work in the video game music and sound industry.

Composing music for video games and video game sound design is more than just creating .wav files in ProTools and putting them on an FTP site. The most in-demand composers and sound designers understand the unique techical and creative aspects of doing sound for this unique medium. Learn the craft, technology and tools for composing game music and creating game sound effects from the leaders of the industry.

Top Reasons to Attend GameSoundCon:
· Learn the differences between audio for games and audio for traditional media:
· Understand the specialized tools and techniques for video game music composing
· Get to know the unique business aspects of the game music industry and how to get your music placed.
· Network with some of the industry’s most successful game music composers and game sound designers
· Get training on video game music composition and sound design concepts
· Learn what’s on the cutting edge of this rapidly evolving field
· Determine what skills and knowledge will make you stand out
· Gain insight into the creative and aesthetic challenges of video game music and video game sound design

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