GDC2010: "Where it All Began" Sound Panel

GDC10: Where It All Began: Lessons That Can Be Learned From 'First Generation' Music

Speakers: Rod Abernethy (Composer, Rednote Audio), Alexander Brandon(Creative Director, Heatwave Interactive), Brian Schmidt (President, Brian Schmidt Studios, LLC), Brad Fuller (Partner, Sonaural LLC), Tommy Tallarico (President, Tommy Tallarico Studios)


Not just a walk down memory lane, this panel will explore how the music of first generation 8-bit games was created and what makes it so well loved by gamers of all ages. What makes those old 8-bit tunes still so endearing, instantly recognizable and still fun to listen to? We will explore the glory days of game music, how it was created under unbelievable technical restrictions compared to today’s production standards. We’ll also explore how the modern day composer and audio director can use many of the same concepts and techniques used in first generation in today’s music.