The Sound of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

"Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" Sound for Film Profile with Sound Designer Ben Burtt.


But the public has been clamoring for a fourth Indiana Jones adventure from Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford basically ever since Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was released in 1989. And now Indy is back — cue iconic John Williams main theme! By the time you read this story, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will have been in theaters for a week or more and both the critics and the public will have weighed in on whether the old Indy magic is still there. Sitting here writing about the film weeks before it opens, however, I can say this much: Everyone involved in the film seem to love working on it, and the post sound team, some of whom I interviewed right after the final mix was completed in late April, definitely believe that the film is up to very the high standards of the original 1980s Indy trilogy.

Sound Credits

Bryan Arenas Consultant: Dolby Sound
Chris Barron Digital Transferer (As Christopher Barron)
Timothy R. Boyce Jr. Cable Person: Connecticut (As T.R. Boyce)
Jeanette Browning Adr Recordist: Disney Studios
Tim Burby Digital Editorial Services
Ben Burtt Sound Designer
Ben Burtt Supervising Sound Editor
Benjamin A. Burtt Apprentice Sound Editor (As Benny Burtt)
Blake R. Cornett Sound Recordist (As Blake Cornett)
John Countryman Digital Transferer
Luke Dunn Gielmuda Foley Supervisor
Sean England Foley Recordist
Kim Foscato Assistant Dialogue Editor
Kirk Francis Sound Mixer: Second Unit
Ivan Fritz Digital Editorial Services
Pascal Garneau Foley Editor
Peter Gleaves Adr Mixer
Jonathan Greber Digital Transferer
Dan Guachione Boom Operator: Connecticut (As Daniel Guachione)
Edward J. Hernandez Adr Engineer: Disney Studios (As Eddy Hernandez)
Edward J. Hernandez Adr Recordist: Disney Studios (As Eddy Hernandez)
Ellen Heuer Foley Artist
David Hunter Digital Editorial Services
Richard Hymns Supervising Sound Editor
Robert Jackson Boom Operator
Ron Judkins Sound Mixer
Tom Lalley Sound Re Recording Engineer
Kyrsten Mate Sound Effects Editor (As Krysten Mate)
Marilyn McCoppen Adr Editor
Marilyn McCoppen Dialogue Editor
Stuart McCowan Adr Editor
Shannon Mills Sound Effects Editor
Peggy Names Cable Person
Andy Nelson Sound Re Recording Mixer
Timothy Nielsen Sound Effects Editor (As Tim Nielsen)
Frank Rinella Foley Mixer (As Frank Aglieri Rinella)
Christopher Scarabosio Additional Sound Designer
Christopher Scarabosio Sound Re Recording Mixer
Jurgen Scharpf Sound Mix Technician
Dee Selby First Assistant Sound Editor
Clint Smith Sound Recordist
Greg Steele Adr Recordist: Todd Ao West
Ewa Sztompke Adr Editor (As Ewa Sztompke Oatfield)
Ewa Sztompke Dialogue Editor (As Ewa Sztompke Oatfield)
Addison Teague Sound Effects Editor
Dennie Thorpe Foley Artist (As Dennis Thorpe)
Jana Vance Foley Artist
Matthew Wood Sound Database Tools
Gwendolyn Yates Whittle Adr Supervisor
Greg Zimmerman Adr Recordist: Todd Ao West
Caroline Cannizzaro Foley Recordist (Uncredited)
Jessica Lemes da Silva Foley Recordist (Uncredited)
Corey Tyler Sound Design Intern (Uncredited)