The Sound of Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Acting as a foundation with an origin story for a new film series, Director Rupert Wyatt takes the audience on the science fiction summer hit, Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The stunning visual effects produced by Weta Digital for the apes are complimented by the wide range of sounds recorded and edited for the film.

Leading the sound team is supervising sound editor and sound designer Chuck Michael and co-supervisor John Larsen with the talents of first assistant sound editor Smokey Cloud and sound re-recording mixers Doug Hemphill and Ron Bartlett.

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RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES is the first live-action film in the history of movies to star, and be told from the point of view of, a sentient animal -- a character with human-like qualities, who can strategize, organize and ultimately lead a revolution, and with whom audiences will experience a real emotional bond. The film was impossible to make until the technology, invented for Avatar and now advanced to a new dimension, caught up to the idea behind the movie. This work is complemented by the unique and extraordinary achievements of Andy Serkis, the world’s foremost performance capture actor, who infuses Caesar with nuance, soul, wisdom and heart. Another historic accomplishment for the picture was its filming of visual effects and performance capture work on practical locations outside the controlled environment of an enclosed stage. This allowed the performance capture work to be fully integrated with the live action performances -- eliminating the barrier between visual effects and live action.

Sound Credits

Ron Bartlett Sound Re Recording Mixer
James Bolt Additional Sound Re Recording Mixer (As Jim Bolt)
Simon Bright Sound Assistant
Jim Brookshire Adr Editor
Derek Casari Adr Engineer
Scott Curtis Foley Mixer
Susan Dawes Dialogue Editor
Dawn Fintor Foley Artist
Dustin Freeman Sound Effects Recordist
Destin E. Gautier Sound Effects Recordist (As Destin Gautier)
Tim Gomillion Sound Stage Engineer
David Grimaldi Sound Effects Editor
Matthew Harrison Foley Editor
Doug Hemphill Sound Re Recording Mixer (As D.M. Hemphill)
David Husby Sound Mixer
Mildred Iatrou Adr Supervisor (As Mildred Iatrou Morgan)
Laura Kaysen Sound Editorial Intern
R.J. Kizer Adr Editor
John A. Larsen Supervising Sound Editor
Wayne Lemmer Sound Effects Editor
David Lucarelli Adr Recordist
Helen Luttrell Dialogue Supervisor
Darryl Marko Boom Operator
Chuck Michael Additional Sound Re Recording Mixer
Chuck Michael Sound Designer
Chuck Michael Supervising Sound Editor
John Morris Sound Effects Editor
John Murray Foley Supervisor
Charleen Richards Adr Mixer (As Charleen Richards Steeves)
Dennis Rogers Sound Recordist
Thomas W. Small Foley Editor (As Thomas Small)
William Stein Sound Re Recording Engineer (As Bill Stein)
Alicia Stevenson Foley Artist
Bruce Tanis Foley Editor
Craig Weintraub Assistant Sound Editor
James Ashwill Foley Mixer (Uncredited)
David Betancourt Adr Mixer (Uncredited)
Wendy Czajkowsky Adr Mixer (Uncredited)
Kathryn He Sound Assistant (Uncredited)
Beauxregard Neylon Adr Mixer (Uncredited)
Mark Noda Sound Mixer: Second Unit (Uncredited)
Rob Nokes Sound Effects Field Recordist (Uncredited)
Erin Michael Rettig Sound Engineering (Uncredited)
Jonathan Rimas Adr Mixer (Uncredited)
Mark Sheffield Sound Mix Technician (Uncredited)
John Soukup Sound Transfer (Uncredited)