Sound Effects Master Class with Mark Mangini

In this exclusive SoundWorks Collection video we chat with Award®-winning sound editor Mark Mangini (Blade Runner 2049, Mad Max: Fury Road) about his experiences building his sound effects library and how to approach various styles of sound effects editing.

About Pro Sound Effects:

Pro Sound Effects® (PSE) develops highly curated sound effects libraries for professional media production. PSE has teamed up with Academy Award®-winning sound editors Mark Mangini & Richard L. Anderson to develop their private sound library into The Odyssey Collection. Sound artists everywhere can now elevate any project with the same world-class sonic ingredients expertly captured while creating the sound for over 250 feature films and TV shows.

The Odyssey Collection: Expanded (OX) the latest exclusive general library carefully curated from the life’s work of Mangini and Anderson. OX is meticulously crafted to be the cornerstone of your sonic arsenal - with over 10,000 hours of selecting, editing, cataloging, and mastering invested by PSE to make the library as intuitive and useful as possible. As the second library in The Odyssey Collection following Odyssey Essentials (OE), OX includes all of OE and robustly expands Odyssey’s celebrated depth, breadth, professional quality, and awe-inspiring character.

Discover Odyssey Expanded: